Advantages to training with a friend and making personal training more affordable

Working out with a friend can be a great way to enhance your personal training experience, the biggest benefit aside from, health and fitness gains, is halving the cost making personal training more affordable. So here are our thoughts on the advantages to training with a friend and making personal training more affordable.

1. Added Accountability

With personal training, there is always extra accountability to have your trainer waiting for you in the gym, training with a partner or friend enhances this and gives you another reason to make time for your session. Knowing someone else is counting on you is a great motivator for getting to the gym!

2. Healthy Competition

A bit of healthy competition is a great way to add spice to your personal training sessions. An experienced trainer will want to challenge you both and cater your program to your individual strengths and weaknesses. Celebrating these challenges will be a good bonding experience and make training a lot more enjoyable. Having another person there to push you not only in the gym but outside as well will keep you on track to achieve your collective goals.

3. Motivation outside the gym

We have you working hard in the gym but what about the rest of the week on the outside? Training with a friend or family member you see often can give you added benefits for your health. Going out socially? It’s often hard to resist the peer pressure to drink and overeat! Having more people around you focused on their health and fitness provides a much better environment for resisting temptation. How often have you overindulged just because everyone else is doing it?

4. Halve the cost!

One of the great perks we have at Executive Fitness Consultants is that you can train with a friend or partner with no added cost. Unlike some gyms we feel our trainers are experienced to offer the same quality of service to pairs training as we do with one-on-one training. Splitting session between two people reduces the cost for the clients and provide us with an opportunity to help more people reach their health and fitness goals. Ask us today about adding a friend to your next package!

5. Train more often and for longer!

Essentially halving the costs of personal training for you, this opens up many new possibilities for your training. This could be training extra days per week or choosing a larger package, thus bringing down the price per session even more.

Find a buddy, mate, partner or colleague and book your session with Executive Fitness Consultants today!