How to reach your fitness goals

For anyone looking to make a lifestyle change it’s very important to set clear and defined goals. Whether your goal might be weight loss, muscle gain, improving sports performance or just general health, you are more likely to create success when you have a clear plan for what you want.

Setting goals helps you focus on a certain outcome and motivates you along the way. Here are some tips to assist you in setting and achieving your goals!

You can start small by first writing some idea’s down on paper. Take a little time to think about those idea’s and from there you can start to formulate some clear goals you want to achieve. It’s best to start simple so try not to choose too many goals at once as you may lose focus when It comes to working towards them.

What I like to do is choose 1 main goal and then split it up into several smaller parts, for example, a daily goal, weekly, monthly or yearly goal. Each smaller goal is important as it should contribute towards the main goal in some way.

For example if your main goal is to lose 10kg in a year, you can do little things each day such as eating out less, going to the gym at least 3 days a week and doing a set number of steps in a month. Goals such as these are manageable and realistic and will help you towards reaching your main goal.

Keeping the goals realistic is very important, if you’re not able to break down the goal into smaller parts then think about changing it to something more achievable.

Tracking your progress is a must, keeping a log of your successes and failures will give you perspective on how you are doing and allow you to make adjustments when you feel you are falling behind. Don’t forget you can also involve others in your goal to give you advice or to let you know what you can do better, or just support you along the way.

Perhaps the most important point is to never give up, be patient with your goals and take setbacks as they come. Deal with problems one step at a time and always keep the small goals in mind even when the large one seems out of reach. Nobody ever got anywhere by giving up! Good luck!