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I would really like to thank Jody and his team for the work they have put into getting me into shape for my upcoming wedding, after years of working and living the FIFO lifestyle the weight had really started to stack on, no longer fitting into most of my clothes my fiancé suggested we try a personal trainer. After 9 months of training I have now lost 14 kilo’s and completely changed the shape of my body and my mindset with regards to what I eat and drink, Since starting training I have also been able to successfully compete in two 12km fun runs and managed to complete them with relative ease, something I could have only dreamt of doing a year ago.





After years of letting the weight stack on, I had to change it, my body was literally begging me to change. My joints ached, my heart hurt, my asthma got worse, my body was crying out for some physical exercise. In January 2013, I made the decision to listen. I called a handful of personal training studios, Jody, from Executive Fitness was the only person to return my call/emails.
Since commencing training with Executive fitness I have lost 8kg, I have dropped 2 dress sizes and on my way to a third. The team at Executive Fitness have pushed me, encouraged me, understood my limitations and maximised on my strengths. They have increased my fitness beyond belief and are successfully transforming the fat into muscle! I don’t fear hills anymore, I don’t mind my own reflection! The team make me accountable, they understand what drives me and build on that. I have had the pleasure of training with each of the Executive Fitness trainers and would recommend each of them to anyone!





I used to be 90kg and fit, then one day in my late 30’s I woke up, weighed myself and was 117kg! My son was about to turn one and I thought to myself, what am I doing?
Over the next several months I looked for every “easy” option I could find – I tried Lite and Easy, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig (not all at the same time) and I lost a bit of weight on all of them but put it straight back on as soon as I stopped. I tried going to a couple of the big brand gyms but between the trainers that knew less than I did about fitness, the offensive loud music and waiting to get on any machine I wanted, I soon got sick of that as well…

Then by chance my wife found EFC. After her first time there she knew I would love it. I agreed to give it a try (primarily to get her to stop nagging). To say EFC has exceeded my expectations would be a massive understatement. The equipment is first class, the environment and atmosphere are relaxed and professional, and most importantly the trainers are exceptional – they are extremely motivated and knowledgeable individuals that genuinely care about working with you to achieve your personal goals through both diet and exercise. I’ll be 40 next year, I’m back down to 93kg (lost 24kg), I can run a half-marathon in 2 hours and I am stronger than I have ever been. I would personally like to say a very big thank you to Andrew, Chris and Jody and the rest of the EFC team. PS. My wife and two young kids also say thanks!

I found EFC when we moved to the area nearly 2 years ago and have been training with them twice per week ever since, including during my second pregnancy (up to around 35 weeks). No doubt my continued fitness throughout the pregnancy resulted in no back pain, a great labour and speedy recovery after birth – very different to my first inactive pregnancy! With a 6 month old baby, I am looking forward to running a half marathon soon and am stronger than I have ever been in my life (I can do full push ups!). Working full time with two young children means we have no time to waste in ordinary gyms – EFC represent exceptional value for money as every hour spent training is most certainly the optimal use of your time. Having access to first class trainers with the knowledge and motivation to get you to your goals is definitely the way to go. The benefits of personal training are not limited to weight control, fitness and strength but great for managing stress too. I highly recommend EFC and have done so to my best friend, who is now training regularly too.

I love dealing with people who are very good at what they do. Jody is professional and passionate about his work which gives me a great sense of ease and trust when training with him.
An important aspect of being a Personal Trainer is the ability to assess a client’s moods and needs and to adapt the training session accordingly, giving both flexibility and change to a routine when required – Jody has this ability. Absolute safety in training, constant monitoring of progress and nutritional advice are all part of a service he provides.
I remember speaking to a colleague of Jody’s when I first started training and saying that I doubted my ability to get fit – and he just said “Jody will get you there” – he was right.
Training with Jody has helped me reach goals I never thought were possible. His ever present and positive support and encouragement has helped me achieve a level of fitness and healthy state of body and mind that I always desired but never been able to reach myself. At 43 I am the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been.
With great pleasure I recommend Jody as your Personal Trainer and urge you to take on his service to help you achieve a fitter and healthier state of body and mind – it will be the best money you ever spend!

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, tone-up, or train for entry into the police or defence services, the team of qualified personal trainers with extensive industry experience can provide you the advice and motivation to reach your health and fitness goals.

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