Calorie counting and weight loss

Calorie counting and weight loss

Let’s discuss calorie counting and weight loss.

With today’s technology it’s never been easier to count calories and track your intake. We have access to a huge variety of information about food in the form of apps and the internet on our phones. Apps like CalorieKing, MyFitnessPal, LoseIt, as well as many others make keeping a food diary super easy.

Simple day to day foods will no longer be a mystery now you can see how many calories it has, it’s macro nutrient profile and some apps even give you a rating on a food’s quality or health benefits.

Most of these apps require you to enter in a goal weight and some information about your activity levels and lifestyle. Based on this it will come up with a ‘budget’ of how many calories you can spend in a day to reach your goal. Losing fat can be as simple as sticking to your budget!

Spending more than your budget is unhealthy not only in financial terms, but also your health!

This also teaches you that traditionally high calorie foods like chocolate, cake, fried food and alcohol all have a cost and that you need to consider how much you really want to put in your body. Feeling hungry? maybe drop the calorie dense foods in favor for simpler whole foods, higher in volume and nutrition.

We hope this information can make keeping a food journal a little easier!